Ward and Wagster can prune your hedges any size, any where. From ornamental to wild and rural, 3 feet to 100 feet, reducing height and width or just clipping, creating a neat and tidy form.

We will advise on the most cost effective long term management. Supplying fixed prices for each option.

We will advise on legal obligations including the ´High Hedges Act´.

Our professional arboricultural advisor can also explain and design pruning styles and regimes to reduce neighbour conflicts.

Our skilled pruning team will arrive at the agreed date and time. Works will proceed with minimum disruption and all debris will be cleared where required.


Whether it is an individual specimen tree or a conifer hedge (such as Leylandii), conifer trees need proper treatment to keep their growth under control whilst maintaining their health.

Stump Poisoning

Poisoning a tree stump to prevent re growth and allow stump to slowly decay.

Removal of Deadwood

As the name suggests this procedure consist of the removal of deadwood from the canopy of the tree. This can consist of small branches up to major limbs whose removal is essential to maintain a safe environment and to promote the future heath of the tree.